Eric Cantor's Office Incensed About Rounding Errors

Eric Cantor's Office Incensed About Rounding Errors

Bradley Dayspring, remember this guy? Just a few short days ago Eric Cantor's spokesman was personally writing, producing, directing, acting in, and distributinga propaganda film about AFSCME that featured Jimmy Hoffa extorting money from children so that he could put more dollars in the swear-word jar. Well, Dayspring has reclaimed the moral high ground, boy howdy! He is outraged about a common mathematical practice called "rounding," which is depriving people of jobs in Wyoming.

Here is the deal: once upon a time, the White House helped design a stimulus package that was supposed to create jobs. Those jobs projections were broken out by congressional district and by state. Due to rounding, the congressional district and the state numbers were not always equivalent.

How this happens with states that only have one congressional district is anybody's guess, but maybe it is part of the "new math" that Nancy Pelosi will be subsidizing with misappropriated contraception funds and San Francisco voodoo.

Anyway, a word from Dayspring:

I don't think that the 4600 people in Nevada or 1900 people in Wyoming – not to mention thousands of other Americans – will understand not getting a job due to a "rounding error."

And that is why they will not have jobs, because they do not understand fifth-grade math.

Projected jobs numbers don't quite add up [Ben Smith]


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