Joe Biden Made Actual Profit Selling House, And Eric Trump Is STUMPED

Joe Biden Made Actual Profit Selling House, And Eric Trump Is STUMPED

The last time Donald Trump's second most useless son, Eric, tried to go after the president's enemies on social media, he wound up reminding everyone his father used to pal around with pedophiles. Trump should've shipped Eric off to Las Vegas to learn the casino business, but instead he kept the goofball nearby to screw up some more.

Friday, Eric Trump tweeted the following because he's very busy and important:


It's cute that anyone with the last name Trump would accuse someone else of using their political office for their personal financial gain. It's also really stupid and ignores the issues that actually matter in this election. Eric's older, dumber brother, Donald Trump Jr., frequently refers to the the “Biden crime family," which doesn't resonate with voters who are unemployed or sick with COVID-19. This dog won't fetch.

Eric Trump declared that a “US Senator's salary is $174,000 a year," which is interesting and all, but Biden hasn't served in the Senate since 2009. He was vice president for eight years with an annual salary of up to $230,700. Conservatives like to criticize poor people for owning such luxuries as a working refrigerator, but Biden was never exactly destitute. This just makes Eric Trump look like an entitled jerk who's never had a real job, and in his case appearances aren't deceiving.


Unfortunately, Eric Trump couldn't bother to confirm if Biden still lives in the fancy house, which he doesn't.

Snopes breaks it down for you:

The pictured estate was a 5-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot former DuPont mansion at 6 Montchan Dr. in the Greenville area of Wilmington, Delaware, which was formerly owned by Biden. Way back in 1974, Biden (then a freshman U.S. Senator and a recent widower) was able to purchase the property for a mere $185,000 because the abandoned home was badly run-down and in need of major repairs.

After fixing up the home and living in it for two decades, Biden sold it in 1996 for $1.2 million — well over twenty years before Eric Trump's accusatory tweet declaring it to still be "Joe Biden's house."

Wow, Middle-Class Joe went full-on "Property Brothers" on his house. This is what probably confused Eric Trump. He doesn't have much firsthand experience with people making money off real estate deals.

What doesn't seem “legit" is the Trump family's Silver Springs estate in Westchester, New York. Donald Trump declared Silver Springs an “investment property" and not a personal residence on his 2014 taxes, but Eric Trump boasted that it was “our compound" and "home base for us for a long, long time" in a Forbes interview the same goddamn year.

Eric Trump is a moron and deserves no more of our time.

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