Erick Erickson Scared To Death Fancy Young People Will Re-elect Obama

Erick Erickson Scared To Death Fancy Young People Will Re-elect Obama

You know what keeps Erick Erickson up at night?Fear. Always. But there is another, specific kind of fear that bedevils him when fringe-right corporate mouthpiece/unwanted free publication Human Events asks for some promotional email text to send out on behalf of another Koch Brothers' front group to rile up scared old people and convince them to actually send money for the purpose of taking away their badly needed Social Security and Medicare. When that happens, Erick Erickson is very scared of Barack Obama's hold on the evil young people, and by "young" he means "not quite yet in their fifth decade, but getting there." It seems these young people with their fancy liberal educations and iPhones and ethnic food and bisexuality and 401ks and Dwell subscriptions have got that Barack Obama all up in their grill. There's a real danger that these people -- pretty much the entirety of American voters 18-34 -- will not suddenly support some fat white right-wing racist like Haley Barbour or whatever kochsucker ultimately gets the GOP nomination. "You know I don't scare easily," Erickson writes. "And that scares me."

Wait, how would anyone know that RedState fearmonger Erick Erickson "doesn't scare easily"? Isn't that the whole point of conservative politics -- constant insane fear-mongering about "the other" so that the stressed-out and beaten-down white working class will continue voting in small numbers, and when they do vote they'll lean just enough on the side of corporate anti-government politics and against their own interests, again?

Here's the top half of the email:

What follows is a scary chart showing that Obama's campaign had more "Facebook friends" than John McCain back in 2008. But even poor white trash is allowed on Facebook now, so we're guessing the ultimate deciding factor in 2012 isn't going to be Facebook ... unless Facebook starts charging $10 a year for accounts. [Human Red State Events Spam]


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