[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/UbI5pPO0NeE&hl=en_US&fs=1 expand=1]

Put up a Bible verse and cue space music! Wonkette operative "Gene" writes us from his Congressional e-mail account (HEY THAT IS FOR TAXPAYERS NOT YOUR WONKETTE) that he's "not quite sure this guy isn’t Eric Wareheim." Well we aren't either, and certainly that man's show and submarine sandwiches seem to be a theme for us today. Also Pagels' voice is eerily similar to that of the late Richard Dunn. But if you are real, Ernest J. Pagels, GREAT JOB!

This is very important: Wonkette readers in Wisconsin need to help us out with information on this man, as this could very well be the next Alvin Greene. Well, the next opposite of Alvin Greene, as this man does not seem wise and Daoist. And he hates porn.

As simple Google search shows us that Ernest J. Pagels once tried to sue some people because he thought their children vandalized his car, but he had no proof of this. BUT WE NEED MORE.


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