Eternal Sunshine of the Hopeless Candidate

Wesley Clark's vague recollections of the 2004 presidential race reveal a sad, shell-shocked man who needs to seek help immediately.

He also bemoaned the "beauty contest" Democratic primary of 2004:

"We had a lawyer, a doctor, um, a general, we had an African-American man, we had an African-American woman, we had a governor. You know, we had everybody out there, and, it was like a beauty contest. And the amazing thing was that pretty soon, after about five or six debates, everybody started sounding just alike."

Ha ha yeah, they sure did! Except those two black people. And, you know, the doctor. Wait, he was the governor too, right? Also there was this short dude who wasn't any of those things -- wanted to create the Department of Chilling Out or something? Yeah, we're not surprised you don't remember him, Wes, you're kinda tall. Wasn't there a Jew too for a while?

But jeez, Wes, we've been repressing all memory of that shit for three years and we still remember that Al Sharpton and Dick Gephardt were two different people.

Clark Versus 'Beauty Contest' [Politicker]


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