Europe Will Buy America For Three Barrels Of Rocket Fuel Water


  • Europe will not buy worthless America from Hank Paulson, who is selling it for six homosexual Lincoln pennies. [Crooks and Liars]
  • The EPA has been spiking your drinking water with rocket fuel, which means water is now $100 a barrel. [Daily Kos]
  • McCain owns three foreign cars, and the only American vehicles he does have were made for him in a children's sweatshop in Michigan by Barack Obama. [Marc Ambinder]
  • The only known exchange between Palin and Karzai was Karzai telling Palin his son's name is Mirwais and Palin responding "Oh nice." Sarah Palin knows of no other thing on this Earth besides baby-naming and even this she cannot do correctly. [Jonathan Martin]
  • Even Joe Biden thinks Barry's dumb teevee commercials are terrible. Literally, he called them "terrible." [CNN Political Ticker]
  • According to Norm Coleman, the federal government will turn a profit from the total implosion of the economy. [Andrew Sullivan]

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