Europeans: They're Just Like Us!

That's how big my ass looks without the mirrorsIf you've read this blog so long that you have come loathe our political class and are ready to say "Fuck America," we offer this item to say, "No, not fuck America."

Robert Kilroy-Silk, a British member of the European Parliament (yes, Europe has its own Parliament now) claims that British department store Marks and Spencer has mirrors in its changing rooms that "deliberately distort women's shapes" and has lodged some sort of complaint or motion or question or something about it. Supposedly the mirrors make the ladies look thinner so they'll buy the clothes. An M&S spokesman replied, "Our mirrors are perfectly normal, standard mirrors. We are at a loss as to what he might be referring to."

Did we mention that the European Parliament doesn't really control anything? That's why they have time for this kind of inanity. Kilroy-Silk himself used to be a talk show host, then got elected to the European Parliament for a party that vowed to pull the UK out of the EU, then split off to form his own party, then was kicked out of the leadership fof that party, so he's obviously full of this sort of fun.

M&S denies Kilroy mirrors claim [BBC]


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