Evangelical Wingnut Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation At Inauguration

Evangelical Wingnut Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation At Inauguration

Rick Warren is a big shot evangelical preacher at a 600-trillion-person church in Southern California, meaning he's also the puppetmaster behind American politics. You may remember his "Saddleback Forum" over the summer when he forced Obama and McCain -- both of whose personal cell numbers he keeps -- to babble about Jesus in his church, individually, while the other was being molested by rabid frogs in a Cone of Silence. Well guess what people, he's now invited himselfto give the wingnut invocation at Obama's inauguration melee. This news does not please America's many homosexuals.

Much like Mormons and black people, Rick Warren did not want the queers to get married in California. He publicly supported Prop 8 and, when it passed, the Gay Militia protested the crap out of his church. More recently, he gave an interview to the editor of Beliefnet. Much bullshit was spewed:

"They can't accuse me of homophobia," says Rick Warren, the celebrity preacher and icon of the "new" or "broader agenda" evangelicals, in a new interview with Beliefnet editor Steven Waldman. Pastor Rick protests that he's not a homophobe because he's given money to people with AIDS. He has gay friends and has even eaten dinner in "gay homes."


Warren dodged Waldman's question about whether he supported civil unions or domestic partnerships, answering instead, "I support full equal rights for everyone in America," adding that he only opposes a "redefinition" of marriage. He went on to say he's opposed to gay marriage the same way he is opposed to a brother and sister marrying (that would be incest), a man marrying a child (that would be statutory rape), or someone having multiple spouses (that would be polygamy). Pressed by Waldman, Warren said he considered those crimes equivalent to gay marriage.

And the mindfuck to end all mindfucks:

Warren claimed he supported Proposition 8 because of a free-speech issue -- asserting that "any pastor could be considered doing hate speech . . . if he shared his views that homosexuality wasn't the most natural way for relationships."

Well we're just silly folk at Wonkette, but we imagine that Rick Warren "could be considered doing hate speech" regardless of gay marriage's legality!

At least we'll now have a sizable chunk of angry gay protesters at Obama's inauguration, which will add some humor to an otherwise catastrophic event.

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