Even Ahmadinejad Is Probably Bored Of Ahmadinejad At This Point


  • Democrats and Republicans continue to compete over who can cater more to Big Senior re: possible Medicare cuts. [AP]
  • Obama spent all day yesterday begging the U.N. to agree to a resolution that would get Iran and North Korea and others like them in such big trouble if they crossed their fingers behind their backs while signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. [Wall Street Journal]
  • You really have to give the Taliban credit for taking advantage of their semester abroad in Pakistan, huh! They are now heading into to Afghanistan stronger, savvier and fightier than ever. [New York Times]
  • Ahmadinejad is apparently not yet bored of his old tricks, namely, calling Israel and the U.S. racist, accusing everyone he's ever met of genocide, and throwing in some noncommittal "Iran is pretty great, actually!"s for good measure. [New York Times]
  • India will be doing a bit of role-playing this week, as it does its part to pretend to care about doing something that will curb carbon emissions. Going clockwise, soo... China: you're next. [Washington Post]
  • American women, GETTING HYSTERICAL and whining about affording to feed and educate their children, might not be into having so many anymore! [Reuters]

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