Even for Republicans, Fund-raising is Hard Work

bulldog.jpgWe thought Howard Dean had solved their problems, but no, that's not the case. In a WaPo story on tonight's NRCC President's Dinner, Rep. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R - GA) explains what it's like to get constituents to fork over $2500 for a $25 meal with a view of the president: "This is the hardest part of being a member, and we all get weary of it." To keep enthusiasm at that high level, House dinner chairman Jack Kingston (R - GA) employs some clever salesmen's tricks:

Rep. Jack Kingston (Ga.), the dinner chairman for the House, went before his 230 fellow Republicans this spring in running shorts to urge them to get into the race, then adopted a baseball theme at another meeting to warn them about striking out.

And then, at yet another meeting, to show that fund-raising is like getting down on your knees and kissing a wealthy bulldog's ass, Kingston got down on his knees and kissed a wealthy bulldog's ass.

Hard Cash is the Main Course for GOP Fundraiser [WaPo]


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