Even Republicans Don't Want To Attend Republican National Convention

Even Republicans Don't Want To Attend Republican National Convention

Maybe it's because the bars won't be open 24-7 slinging delicious Wonkettinis to help conventioneers drink away the pain. Maybe it's because the start of the convention coincides with the beginning of the school year, significantly reducing the chances that 14-year-old pages will be available for games of "hide the memo" in the Minneapolis airport men's room. Whatever the reasons, Republicans just aren't very psyched about their national convention this year.

In fact, many of them are so deeply ashamed that if you ask them if they'll be in St. Paul in a few weeks, they say, "Saint who?"

Whether they're facing serious Democratic challengers in the fall or running unopposed, it seems that there's no reason a Republican can't skip the convention this year. If you're in a risky district, you don't want to piss off swing voters by embracing your party of free-spending pedophiles. And if you're in a safe district, why go to all the hassle of pretending you give a shit about John McCain? Hell, John McCain would probably skip the convention if he hadn't already bought tickets.

But fear not, Grand Old Party denizens! Politico, having written the obligatory "Republican enthusiasm gap" article, will now type up some bullshit "Can the Democratic National Convention possibly live up to the hype?" piece, for fairness.

Enthusiasm gap plagues GOP convention [Politico]


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