Even Rick Perry Freaked Out By Arizona Immigration Law

Even Rick Perry Freaked Out By Arizona Immigration Law

You know that your latest exercise in legislation is a little wacky when arch-nut Rick Perry refuses to endorse it. You might think that Perry would be totally down with the new Arizona effort to find and deport the swarthy folk, but it turns out that he refuses to take follow the lead of his fellow desert-dwellers! He has"concerns with portion of the law" and feels that it is "not the right direction for Texas"! What could be behind this liberal traitor talk?

Here is Wonkette's SECRET THEORY: all these anti-immigrant laws are dealing with foreigners trying to sneak into America, right? Well, known secessionist Rick Perry is pretty keen on getting his sovereign nation-state the hell out of America, which would make his Texan subjects no more American than the common Mexican. If these laws go on the books across the loyal parts of the U.S., once Texas breaks away the migrant Texans will be persecuted wherever they travel looking for work. Even people who just enjoy the "Texan lifestyle" -- big dumb hats, enormous belt buckles, shooting coyotes -- will be "profiled" by state police and put into ICE jails for months before being dumped over the border in Texarkana. Future President-for-Life Perry cannot sit idly by while such crimes against Texans are in the offing!

It's also possible that Perry is the governor of a state with a long history of immigration and that he isn't a monster, but that seems unlikely.

Anyway, Arizona is also planning to ban ethnic studies departments in their schools, so soon Arizonan children won't even be able to learn about how rad the Battle of the Alamo was.


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