Even Think Tank People Play Debate Drinking Games

'Facts are stupid things.' - WonketteWe were planning on doing a GOP debate drinking game, sort of, but it's hard to predict what a bunch of senile old men will say about anything, or if they'll just drift off to sleep, or start beating each other with canes. In fact, a security-camera feed from the "community room" of any American rest home would be indistinguishable from the ABC feed tonight.

It took a professional "research fellow" at the Hoover Institution to figure out there's only one rule for this drinking game:

"If this debate were a drinking game, and you had to imbibe every time you hear the word 'Reagan,' you would pass out before the closing remarks,'' predicted Bill Whalen, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Let's give that a try tonight! Expect a lot of typos in the liveblogging.

10 GOP candidates to meet for first debate [SF Chronicle]


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