Even Trump's Weirdo Supreme Court Like 'You Want Us To Rule On Hillary's Emails? What? Why? Go Away'

When we last left weirdo bonkers Judicial Watch guy Tom Fitton behind, he was ... we forget. Let's go with "losing in court," seems like a safe bet.

You remember the one he is? Yeah, the one who tries to expose Hillary Clinton incessantly and looks like he plays "Straight Dad's Gym Friend" in all the gay porns. OK anyway.

In fact, it seems like we write about him in the month of March, and then we forget about him for another year. As far as we can see, last time, our headline was


and the time before that, which was in March of 2019, it was

Judicial Watch And Gateway Pundit Gonna GIT HER NOW!!!

He's kinda fixated.

Anyway, back when the previous president was allowed to use Twitter, he had a thing with retweeting Tom Fitton a lot, because they were gonna GIT HER NOW!

In our piece of one year ago, we explained:

Judicial Watch, which was founded by superlawyer Larry Klayman but now they don't like each other, likes to do frivolous lawsuits — especially about #HILLARYSTUFF — and it managed to actually get a federal judge to agree that Hillary Clinton should be deposed, because "emails."

Good explanation, us!

And today, we have you an update on that story, the denouement of a surely very exciting tale we were not following very closely because we don't care. You see, Judicial Watch had found one Reagan-appointed judge, Royce Lamberth, who was idiot enough to agree last March that Hillary Clinton needed to be deposed, because "emails" and "Benghazi," and because somehow he was under the impression Hillary Clinton hadn't answered these questions 46,782 times.

In August of last year, the appeals court in DC said hey, fuck off, there is no reason to depose Hillary Clinton because "emails" and "Benghazi." You can read that ruling if you wanna, but trust us when we say it can mostly be summed up as "LOL shut up." It was unanimous, by the way.

And the new news is that the Supreme Court — Donald Trump's dumbstupid Supreme Court full of "Boofs O'Kavanaugh" and "Amy Comet Ping-Pong" and "Uncle Neil who's mostly a dick but surprises us by being right sometimes" — it has said hey, fuck off, and LOL shut up. None of them signed the thing allowing the appeals court's ruling to stand, and they didn't even say a thing about it. It's just in a list of other cases they said hey fuck off and LOL shut up to.

Fitton is mad or sad or something:

"Hillary Clinton ignored the law but received special protection from both the courts and law enforcement," he said. "For countless Americans, this double standard of justice has destroyed confidence in the fair administration of justice."

Somebody should tell that guy the hot-button issues of the day are whether the MyPillow guy's printed out YouTubes are going to overturn the 2020 election once and for all, and how it is very terrible that some young hip-hopper named Little Nasty Sauce or something humped the Devil in the gay way and then killed the Devil and this has ruined an entire generation of children because ...

Anyway, that is the end of that story. Stay tuned for your next Wonkette update on Tom Fitton in March of 2022, we guess!

[The Hill]

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