Events For Ladies, Drunks and Armchair Revolutionaries

  • Saturday, February 26: Though you may prefer to spend your Saturday nights at a Beer Palace, sequestered in darkness and glazed in booze, there's nothing wrong with doing something a little bit different this Saturday. Like learning about vaginas, for charity! V-Day D.C. will be performing The Vagina Monologues Saturday at 3PM and again at 7PM at the Universalist National Memorial Church. Tickets are $10. [Vagina Monologues]

  • Wednesday, March 2: Attention suit- and sneaker-wearing ladies of D.C.: May we recommend the Worn Magazine happy hour? True, you may emerge from the event unable to breathe in your new skinny jeans, but that's what fashionistas are for. Trust them. The happy hour is from 6-8PM at the Gibson. $5. [Worn Magazine]
  • Worldly Eats: Don't bother going to Mexico, the Middle East, or to our mini-Egypt over in Wisconsin; you'll probably get kidnapped, murdered or featured on the teevee, maybe! Instead, let these cities come to you. Want a Margarita? Bobby Lew's Saloon is giving out FREE margaritas today, February 24. Morocco may go soon, so go enjoy some Moroccan food at Marrakesh Palace in the West End. In need of cheese? La Fromagagerie is a specialty cheese shop that serves artisanal cheeses from the Mid-Atlantic region in addition to the fancy Euro stuff. Said and done. [What’s the Deal Happy Hour, Marrakesh Palace/La Fromagerie]
  • Food To Look Forward To: Toledo Lounge in Adams Morgan will soon be a miniature beer palace; Columbia Heights' Rapidly Gentrifying Strip will soon have a 4,000-square-foot sports bar, but it will only have 14 high-definition teevees, and another Jewish deli is coming to Bethesda, just around the corner from the other Jewish deli in the area. [Toledo Lounge via Washington City Paper/Lou’s City/Bubby’s New York Deli]
  • Food Trucks: Party buses may be douche-y, but buses that serve pork, this is an entirely different story. More importantly, why aren’t all food trucks actually food buses? [BBQ Bus]
  • Doughnuts are the new cupcake: Poor D.C. Even if we think we’re doing well by a trend, New York is still doing it better. According to the hard hitting journalists at the New York Times, “New York is living through a flowering in the doughnut arts." Doughnut ARTS, you got that? Get it together D.C. Oh, side note: before the yuppies got their hands on them, the Times already dismissed doughnuts as an entirely worthless food. [New York Times]

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