• Are you closely following "election news" even though the midterm elections are four months away, and also it is the middle of summer? Then you're probably a) Newt Gingrich or b) a liberal who follows the politics Too Much. And you do not love Barack Obama. A new study proves that 36% of people who took a poll last week "say they have no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans." Only 50% of those polled now say they support President Obama, which is less than half of the 22% who approved of George W. Bush in 2008. Shockingly, Ronald Reagan had an even lower approval rating at this point during his first term, and yet Ronald Reagan was perfect in every way -- 1980-1982 is still remembered as a time when nobody even knew what the word "recession" meant, and everybody was a millionaire. Everybody! No wonder people are so upset today, with this Great Recession that Nobama made from the Koran. Also, "a sizable majority says the government should extend unemployment benefits." [Washington Post]
  • A group of civil rights lawyers and the gun industry now oppose Elena Kagan's confirmation as a Supreme Court justice, so Lindsey Graham will probably support her. [Boston Globe/Politico/Des Moines Rgister]
  • Is Joe Sestak a terrorist member of Hamas or simply Hitler? [TPM Cafe]

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