Everybody Forgot About Wesley Clark

In a heartbreaking profile at Politico.com today, Wesley Clark wistfully speaks of his forgotten presidential campaign, which apparently was semi-announced in February. "I think about running every single day," says Clark. Tragically, he is the only person who thinks about this.

It seems like only 2-1/2 years ago when Clark -- a "general" in the American Army, it is said -- was kind of a big deal. That was back when Democrats thought they had to nominate someone with military experience, which ultimately led to the disaster known as John Kerry.

But after four horrific years of a miserable failure of a war run by a never-ending supply of seemingly retarded "generals" -- not to mention an alarming number of psychopaths, rapists and murderers in the lower ranks -- both Democrats and Republicans have completely distanced themselves from the whole military thing. It just makes everybody depressed. As a result, there are no veterans running on the Democrat side and only one veteran (Crazy McWalnuts) amongst the 87 Republicans running for the nomination.

Wes Clark plays field as '08 hopes fade {Politico]


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