Everybody Get Psyched For Special Tar-And-Feathers Liveblog


Poor Eddie Liddy has to work for AIG for $1 a year and spend all his time defending the doofuses who thought it was a good idea to pay their employees hundreds of millions of dollars to fail. Watch him squirm in front of the House Financial Services subcommittee in just a few minutes, as our dumb elected officials attempt to make it look like this was all his fault even thought they could have done something about this mess last year. In lieu of the usual liquor and guns, please bring to this liveblog a cheap over-the-counter cough medication of your choice and a rusty switchblade. You'll need the real stuff when the revolution comes.UPDATE: Well bah, Liddy isn't due to testify until the "second panel," whatever that is, so in the meantime we will find some funny YouTubes or something else to write about.


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