Everybody Gets High For Hitler's Birthday

Everybody Gets High For Hitler's Birthday

  • Did you get all stoned on the marijuana yesterday? Experts say this might've been because of "4/20," when the Founding Fathers finally got their damned taxes done and just cold smoked out. There is continuing controversy over Hitler's involvement in the holiday, which is also a time of day each afternoon when everybody also gets high. Was Hitler's birth a way for Teabaggers to Muslim Hijack 4/20 day the same way they did Waco and Oklahoma City on April 19, which apparently was originally the anniversary of some chickenshit battle in Massachusetts? Politically, marijuana consumption is becoming very sexy because a) everybody already smokes pot so who cares, and b) bankrupt states like California could basically balance their budgets off the Dope Tax. [CBS News/CNBC]
  • Christopher Dodd and Richard Shelby have a bipartisan Wall Street bill that's getting pretty close to finished. Is this even possible? Senate Republicans have suddenly shut up about how they're going to block the financial regulation bill, so maybe a miracle will happen. [Washington Post]
  • Crows are so smart they can now use three tools: Hooks, levers and Twitter. [BBC News]

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