Everybody Hates Everybody Else

  • Is it possible that race has something to do with people's concerns about Barack Obama's electability? [New York Times]
  • Video of North Koreans visiting a Syrian nuclear reactor (later bombed by Israel) will be shared with lawmakers today. North Korea and the U.S. are on the verge of reaching a nonproliferation agreement which, we assume, will now be tabled indefinitely. [Washington Post]
  • Democratic superdelegates worry about the increasingly negative tone of the primary race, but lack the balls to make any decisions themselves. [Los Angeles Times]
  • America finds another crappy over-the-phone job to outsource to India: debt collection. [New York Times]
  • Clinton tries to exploit doubts about Obama, while Obama tries to exploit Clinton fatigue. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Congressional Democrats don't plan on actually enacting the major healthcare reform the two Presidential candidates are talking about, even if the party wins both houses of Congress and the Presidency. [The Hill]

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