Everybody Hates Their Boss

* Dick Cheney reminds Iraqi leaders it's "game time" and that losing the game means living in a van down by the river. [AP, AP]

* Pentagon plans to send 35,000 replacement troops to Baghdad at the end of the summer for Operation Fresh Meat. [WP, NYT]

* President Bush gets half of his war allowance now, the other half when his chores are done. [WP, NYT]

* Hank Paulson likes to watch Paul Wolfowitz squirm. [NYT, LAT]

* "Conservatives are citizens, too, Mayor Giuliani!" [WP]

* New DHS rules for drivers' licenses reveal who the suck-up states are. [NYT]

* Tom Cole thinks he's George Patton. [WP]

* Hillary Clinton: the butchier the better. [WSJ]


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