Everybody Loves Peggy Noonan Now

Everybody Loves Peggy Noonan Now

There's acrazy long profile of our favorite column-writer-of, Peggy Noonan, in today's Women's Wear Daily (which is, for some reason, a political newspaper in New York). We read the whole thing and thrilled to the details of Peggy's World and her weird e-mails and the real reason she loves Obama so much, but it's super long and you won't ever read it all, so we've created a handy bullet-point list of factoids!

Even though Noonan broke with the Bush White House just after the 2004 election -- over important things like the terrible Iraq War and the administration's terrible Mob Culture -- as recently as the 2006 midterms she was still writing unintentionally hilarious regal bullshit about dimwitted losers like dog-sex fanatic and Muslim ghostbuster Rick Santorum. ("The sense among so many people-- including politicians and journalists -- is that the Senate needs his sort, his kind.")

But now that she's totally fallen for Hopey McYoung and was such an eloquent thrower-of-Hillary under the bus, she is the toast of New York City elitists. Because she is one of them. And yet, she is a self-made gal, from humble (liberal) beginnings:

  • "Peggy Noonan is apparently freaking out." That's the actual lede.
  • She agreed to this WWD profile, met the reporter, gave him an interview, but then a month later decided she'd come off as "babbly, nervous, and in general ... wanting. And I felt, Oh, don't be a noisy person, be quiet and write."
  • He writes the profile anyway.
  • "She particularly loves boys with political roundtables, and boys with political roundtables love her back."
  • Sighs George Stephanopoulos about her intimate teevee style with her host boys: "It's full-body communicating."
  • She shares her Upper East Side apartment with her "Obama-supporting 20-year-old son, Will, when he's not off at college." This would be a great sitcom, on Showtime.
  • At the trendy restaurant, she chews Nicorette and has a salad. She's actually a supermodel! (And no wonder she loves Obama; they share the struggle!)
  • Peggy is 57, divorced, and still smokin' hot.
  • A working-class girl from Brooklyn, Peggy waitressed herself through college, got an English/journalism degree, and worked her way up from local AM news stations to Dan Rather's CBS Evening News, where she first heard of liberals.
  • Basically all of her friends are Famous Liberals and always have been; Peggy is not the kind to go whoring around like Ann Coulter.
  • She was a 33-year-old starry-eyed Reagan Lover when she got a speech-writing gig at the White House, and all the mean old men were mean to her.
  • Her enemies were "Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford loyalists" ... the same scumbags who seized power again in 2001!
  • "So Noonan resigned in a letter to Reagan, and signed it with x's for kisses."
  • She sends another email, with this awesome pileup on Bill and Hillary: "The scarlet-faced, finger-waving, reporter-lecturing manner and tone; the sly race-baiting; the insistent ego; the me, me, me. It made her look like she wasn't in charge of her surrogates. It also left her looking like her spouse was a crazy person. He reminded people of what they didn't like in the Clinton years, which was deadly. He didn't make her lose, but he was part of the loss .... This guy's not a documentary, he's an opera. Somebody should write it." Ha, you just did, Peggy!

How Peggy Noonan Won the Democratic Primary [Women's Wear Daily]


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