Everybody Loves Rudy, Especially the Gays

Last night'sgay Democrat debate isn't the only gay presidential action going on this week. The popular "Gays For Giuliani" group has announced plans to buy lots and lots of TV time in South Carolina to show this commercial, which lovingly details Rudy's long love affair with the love affairs of gay lovers. It is exactly this kind of opera-loving cross-dressing Big City tolerance that experts say will make South Carolina GOP primary voters "cozy up" to Giuliani's campaign. You can donate to the cause and make sure South Carolina Republicans know that Rudy's not one of those run-of-the-mill Republican closet cases -- he actually stands by his beliefs and vocally supports civil unions for America's gay couples.

Also, if any of you South Carolina Republicans need an abortion for your daughter or whatever, Rudy can probably help.

Oh yeah, and if your dog is kind of a pain in the ass, Rudy's latest wife will torture it to death for you!

Gays For Giuliani [Huffington Post]


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