Everyone in Senate Near Death

We have the oldest Senate ever, reports the Politico. The chamber of old white men is older than ever before, because modern medical science won't allow rich people to die until they're good and ready these days.

The average age of US senators is now 62, and the 110th features three of the five longest-serving Senators ever.

The most alarming factoid in the piece is that dozens of our decrepit ruling elites used to seek medical advice and even care from former majority leader Bill Frist, so it's a wonder any of them are still alive.

Because The Politico is totally all about the internets, they embedded a couple YouTube clips in a sidebar piece. Above, Senator Robert Byrd goes delightfully off-script. It's funny until you remember that they run the country! Well, except for the shit that really matters, that's left up to corrupt former Nixon and Reagan staffers and fresh-out-of-college right-wing ideologues.

Health Problems Pose Governing Challenge [Politico]


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