• The Junior Senator from France, Nicolas Sarkozy, has started up with some anti-imperialist rhetoric in Prussian capital of Munich of all places. On the bright side, this new WWI with France and Germany will save the economy for sure. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Jeb Bush will offer Constructive Criticisms regarding the stimulus bill in the form of pop quizzes about Latin conjugations directed toward a single Miami Herald reporter. [Ben Smith]
  • Schadenfreude is on the way: Failed criminal Bernie Madoff and the SEC have probably reached a deal in which Madoff won't be given back his fortune and he will have to pay a fine. All this plus those criminal charges you were hoping for. [The Daily Beast]
  • Michelle Obama will be on the cover of March Vogue. She was photographed wearing Billy Ray Cyrus' soiled duvet cover by Edgy lesbian Annie Leibovitz. [NYT Caucus]
  • Obama will not stop his horrible provocations until influential Canadians -- both of them -- convince the Chinese to join them in initiating bloody Trade Crusades against America's hardworking middle class. [RedState]

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