Evidence of Another White House Makeover

meghan%20o%27sullivan%20meghan%20l%20o%27sullivan%20deputy%20national%20security%20adviser.jpgIs a comprehensive makeover a job requirement for women working at the White House? We previously showed you "before" and "after" photos of homeland security hottie Frances Townsend. And now we have evidence that Townsend's chief competition for top White House hottie -- deputy national security adviser Meghan O'Sullivan, lovingly profiled in yesterday's Times -- has transformed her look too.

As always, the good stuff -- the photographic proof -- appears after the jump.

Compare the two photos below. The top photo is the "before" picture: O'Sullivan during her pre-White House days at the Brookings Institution, sporting chic, short hair. The bottom photo is the "after" picture -- O'Sullivan as she looks today, with a lustrous, fiery red mane.


The tipster who sent us the "before" photo opined that it was unflattering to O'Sullivan. But we disagree; we actually like her Brookings look better. It's very androgynous, in an '80s New Wave sort of way, and much hipper than her current styling.

Her look today, as one commenter noted, makes her look a bit like a "Desperate Housewife" -- namely, Bree Van De Kamp. Her earlier hairstyle, in contrast, draws greater attention to her fine facial features, highlighting the superb bone structure that made her a model before she went into government. It gives her a more youthful appearance -- more Natalie Portman than Marcia Cross.

So if you're out there reading this, Ms. O'Sullivan, please consider reverting to your Brookings Institution look. Just some friendly fashion advice from your friends at Wonkette.

On a related note, yesterday's post on O'Sullivan led some of you to complain that we spend too much time admiring female hotties and not enough time on their male counterparts. We think we've given you a fair amount of male eye candy (e.g., here and here).

But we're happy to give you more. If you have original pics -- preferably shirtless -- of hot guys with some vague connection to politics or government, please feel free to send them our way, and perhaps we'll post them.

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