Evil Facebook Silencing Team Sarah Comments About Islam


Sarah Palin supporters: Theylike to post things about their hate of Muslems and The Mosk on Facebook. But according to a thread on Team Sarah, the Facebook is in league with the Islamicists ("Go to it and see These site is probably run by them."). And Facebook will delete anything you write preaching THE TRUTH about the Muslims and their plan to infiltrate our nation's network of Applebee's and institute Sharia law over our Chipotle Barbeque Ranch Bacon-Steak Quesadilla Sliders. According to "Nancy," "McCarthy was right. Everyone should dump Facebook. I don't belong, because they have ties to Obama, and can't be trusted."

God damnit, McCarthy warned us about social networking! "I have evidence there are members of this very Congress who play FarmVille!" he once screamed. BUT DID WE LISTEN? No. We invented the Internet anyway. An Internet with TIES to Obama. Get off of there, Sarah! The Facebook monster will eat you and cover you with health insurance!

"Cosimo" has a battle cry.

We can not give in to fear. I just tried to post ,Islamic Muslims want to rule the world, I can't even post it on my own page. Going to try again. Screw big brother !

He knows how the Internet should be.

I could play games with this site all night, but it is not a laughing matter. This is not the America I grew up in.

Cosimo appears to be over 60 years old, based on his avatar. So no, the America he grew up in did not have the Internet.

Leave it to "Lora Halsey," though, to blow this conspiracy wide open:

I know Facebook is monitoring me. They scrubbed my post about a mass marriage of 6-9 year old girls. But I reposted it with a message that I had posted it for a reason... that "consumating" with a 9 year old is child rape. They have since left it alone. The other day, a muslim man in Indonesia tried to "Friend" me on FB. I have no idea why. They can watch me all they want. They really need to know what they face if they continue on this path they seem to be on. They can threaten all they want. We are NOT afraid of them.

FRIGHTENING. What if she had accidentally accepted that friend request and allowed that Muslim to see photos of her grandchildren? That brown man who works at the 7-11 is a little too nice to her as well. He knows her SnackWells buying habits and can poison the SnackWells supply at any time. Just to be safe, she buys the SnackWells from him but immediately throws them away. She is NOT afraid of those Muslims. [Team Sarah]


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