Evil Genius WH Pool Report: Fashion Notes

A Wonketteer on the ground forwards this patch of the White House pool report:

    Along the motorcade route to the airport were many well-wishers and supporters and only a handful of protesters. Governor Pataki and Congressman Reynolds joined the President in the limo, and boarded Air Force One for the short flight to New York. Karl Rove was spotted wearing socks with no holes visible to your pooler. . . . Air Force One was wheels up at 11:17am EST and touched down at JFK at approximately 12pm EST.

Which reminds us: A Wonketteer occult operative speculated on Rove's news conference socks-pas thusly: "The wear and tear on Rove's socks comes from wearing socks designed for the ordinary man's foot.  KR's cloven hooves have contact/stress points that differ from those of men not so closely related to Beelzebub." We had no idea Rove and Carville were cousins!

Beelzebubba: Carville's End Times [Wonkette]


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