Evil Geniuses: Fashion Notes

Regarding the Karl Rove's shabby-chic look at last week's press conference, a Wonketteer old-timey men's fashion operative writes:

    Holes in the ankles of the socks (esp. near the top edge) may be caused by shirt garters, which are popular with men who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as anyone who has served in the military since then. They keep your shirt tucked in, but pull your socks up, and cause wear and tear on the ankles of your socks as well as your shirt tails. I wear a pair to retain a nice tuck during the muggy D.C. summer, so that when the sport jacket comes off, my shirts still look crisp and well-tucked.
Thanks, but we're just not seeing Rove as sock-garters kind of gay. Guy. Whatever.

We think the holes in his socks probably come from the grasping fingers of the child laborers who turn out the Bush trucker hats in the White House basement.

Really, TieGate Is Nothing Compared to This [Wonkette]


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