Just last month, 78-year-old Arlen Specter, campaign finance reform advocate and Senator from PA—our State of the Week!—released his book about beating the cancer while secretly not at all running the government. (The Amazon reviews are in! "If you like this idiocy, you'll LOVE his first collaborative work of fiction, The Warren Commission Report! His next book is entitled 'How to take on the NFL without looking like you're the bag man for Comcast.'") Now, in an inordinately cruel and stunning coup by his publishers and the Pope's God, his cancer is back. (Good news: it's not back super-bad, though he'll be having the chemo.) His book is currently number one on Amazon in the category "Books / Health, Mind & Body / Cancer," despite the fact that it needs a new afterword, STAT. Specter has already survived a brain tumor (twice!) and coronary bypass surgery, which means God cannot kill him; this is highly suspicious. [Philly Inquirer]


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