Evil Obama Planned To Send Secret Messages To Browns Only

Thank goodness for the wingnuts, who are keeping tabs on El Jefe Barack de la Martinez Diaz Obama and his conspiracy with the racists of La Raza to stealthily send hordes of brown people to conquer America while all the godly white people are distracted by their NASCAR and their Serial podcasts. Otherwise Obama would just quietly announce his new executive action on immigration to the dusky-hued masses, and no one of importance would notice!

Oh sure, the White House will tell you that it is unhappy about all four major broadcast networks declining to carry the president’s big primetime speech tonight. But as Ron Fournier tells us, this is not so!

Does Ron have a source in the administration, or at a network, or anywhere, who whispered this in his ear? He doesn’t say, but he has now written it on Twitter, so it must be true. Thanks Ron, it had been 48 hours since we had the opportunity to call you a skeevy sack of elephant diarrhea, and the withdrawl symptoms were really killing us.

And yet Ron has nothing on white supremacy remnant and Aladar lookalike John Fund over at National Review. We already mentioned Fund’s assertion that Obama is deliberately keeping this speech from white people by only broadcasting it on the channel carrying the Latin Grammys and not the ones carrying "The Biggest Loser" and "The Big Bang Theory." Here is some other lie Fund told today.

According to the Washington Post, Obama did not make the customary request for broadcast time for his speech tonight from the major networks. So ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox won’t be airing it.

Because we assume if a wingnut is typing, he’s lying, we read the linked WaPo story. Here is all reporter Ed O’Keefe actually wrote about the networks.

[T]he big four TV networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, currently have no plans to air the address.

That’s it. No reporting on the networks’ reasons for not airing the speech. Is it because the White House didn’t make the request, or is it because, as reported elsewhere, the administration did reach out informally, only to have all the networks say “Nah mang, our viewers will kill us if they can’t watch Sheldon be hilariously awkward while Leonard and Penny discuss their relationship”? (Actually, the viewers probably will be upset about it.) But honesty doesn’t drive the hate–clicks that keep NRO writers in cheap bourbon and adult diapers, so flat-out lying it is for John Fund.

But the trophy for conspiracy theorists today goes to dull-witted Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft. (And yes Jim, you still owe us three large so pay the fuck up.) Today Jim wonders if it is a “coincidence” that Obama just happens to be announcing his amnesty plan on Mexico’s National Revolution Day, which commemorates the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910 and lasted for a decade, eventually overthrowing the dictator Porfirio Diaz while driving nearly a million Mexicans out of the country. So what better day for Obama to throw open El Norte’s borders to millions of people (who are already in America actually) and begin la conquista?

Jim doesn’t mention it, but November 20 is also Black Awareness Day in Brazil, of which Obama’s black half is certainly aware. It is also the Transgender Day of Remembrance in the LGBT community, and we know how much the president loves his coked-up gay sex with gay men because he’s a secret gay. And today is also the wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, so Obama is obviously sending a message to the British because Kenyan anti-colonialism something something.

He’s devious, our president. If only the media had really vetted him in 2008, America would still be safe for white people.

[Twitter / NRO / Gateway Pundit]


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