Ex-McCain Reporters Hold Drunk Karaoke Party With Ex-McCain Staff


The whole point of covering a John McCain presidential campaign for a major news outlet is to make (potentially sexy) friendships with McCain and his senior staff, so as to, uh, "know your subject better," as some have described it. And now they never get to see each other anymore! And Obama is an asshole to the reporters! So this is why the former McCain reporters and aides got together over the weekend for drinks, and karaoke, and perhaps some whining about access.

Here are their names: Jill Zuckman, Laura Meckler, Scott Horsely, Tucker Bounds, Juliet Eilperin, Scott Conroy, Sasha Issenberg, Lizzie O'Leary, Mark Salter, Ana Marie Cox, Adam Aigner-Treworgy, Holly Bailey, and Michael Scherer.

Not that this matters anymore at all. But.

[Fishbowl DC]


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