Ex-PA Official Taped Sex With Hundreds of Male Prostitutes

Former Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Commissioner Bruce Barclay is a very special man. State police say he "videotaped hundreds of sexual encounters -- many with male escorts -- using cameras hidden throughout his Monroe Township home." But there are no rape allegations, so that's... something? Just wait until you read about the Harrisburg Frat Boys!

Unfortunately, the domain no longer exists, such as it is:

The affidavit describes several such encounters with an Internet escort service known as "harrisburgfratboys.com." Court documents indicate Barclay twice flew a 19-year-old man referred to as "W.M." to his West Palm Beach home. During a trip last month, "W.M" told investigators that Barclay flew a male prostitute from Binghamton, N.Y., and paid that man $1,500.

When he was kissing the various frat boys from Harrisburg, they were taped via secret spy techniques -- just like James Bond! Do you think Barclay kissed James Bond -- a known DKE from Harrisburg -- as well?

The affidavit describes a hidden camera network that included cameras hidden in a bathroom, bedrooms and "indoor recreational areas." Cameras were hidden inside AM/FM radios, motion detectors and intercom speaker systems, court documents say.

During an interview with Barclay, Henneman said he "admitted to using the cameras to record sexual encounters." Police say Barclay saved between 100 and 500 encounters on his computer system.

That is a large, large number of Harrisburg Frat Boys to be sexing.

Did they eat Hawaiian Pizza?

The end.

Police: Barclay secretly videotaped "100 to 500" sexual encounters with hidden camera network [The Sentinel via Philadelphia Will Do]


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