Ex-Presidents Bond Over Golf, Hating Current President

bush-clinton-golf.jpgIt is, apparently, the occasion of the annual George Bush Cape Arundel Classic amateur golf tourney up in Maine. 41 hosted special guest William Jefferson Clinton for a friendly 18 holes in the name of some sort of charity. We like to imagine Bill playing like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, but apparently (according to an anonymous tipster at some blog), he's not that entertaining of a cheater:

Funny thing is most folks thought Bubba would not be invited back this year after last years antics. Reports were that Clinton, who played with 41 last year as well, was dropping balls at will as soon as he was out eyeshot and while his foursome swears he shot over 100, easy, he turned in a scorecard showing a "78". Needless to say 41 was not pleased with these antics. Will try to find out what he "shoots" this year, but he is off to a good, clean start.

Of course, Bush 43's scorecard showing that he skipped the last 3 holes was later proved to be a forgery, ending Dan Rather's career as clubhouse manager.

Beach Spectacular: Cape Arundel Classic's Fearsome Foursome [Jaunted]


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