Exceptional American Fries Beer, Wins Enlarged Hearts/Minds of Texas


Thanks to Texas -- "The Alaska of the Western South" -- you can now slurp your American Beer out of a greasy dough pocket, to defeat Muslims! A patriot won the coveted "most creative" prize at The Big-Tex Choice Awards by frying beer in a pretzel pocket. Click2Houston reports:

DALLAS — The best fried recipes were crowned Monday at the "Big Tex Choice Awards."

This winner of the "most creative" fried food was "Fried Beer." It is actually a beer-filled pretzel pocket, but diners can open the delicious dough and pour a cold one.

"I was lazy. I figured, 'Why should I have to drink and eat when I can just eat?" I wanted a pretzel, I wanted beer and I figured a way to combine them. You know, make something fun out of it," said inventor Mark Zable.

God bless America.


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