Exciting Additions To The Washington Times And Dulles Airport


  • Erstwhile athlete/web-logger Gilbert Arenas has been immortalized in wax, at a museum full of wax people. [DCist]
  • If it snows on Inauguration Day, Barack Obama's car will still get to the White House just fine, and you can still probably charge the person renting out your couch obscene amounts of money for the privilege of doing so. [WTOP]
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter, a country musician who's biggest qualification is that she apparently doesn't even live in DC, will be the newest Washington Times columnist. [Fishbowl DC]
  • Meet Dulles' newest runway! You will probably be spending several utterly inexplicable hours sitting on it sometime this holiday season. [Washington Post]
  • Here are some tips for getting Obama to hire you, as the only jobs left in America are in the White House and at the Washington Times, and one of them has just gone to Mary Chapin Carpenter. [Politico]

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