Exclusive! Here is Your Picture Of Kevin Yoder All Nude-Like In The Sea Of Galilee, Wait No It Isn't

Exclusive! Here is Your Picture Of Kevin Yoder All Nude-Like In The Sea Of Galilee, Wait No It Isn't

Kevin Yoder, fourth from right, naked as Yahweh made him.

UPDATEDMultiple people are writing in to tell Your Editrix she is the worst reporter in the world -- no argument -- and that our EXCLUSIVE Kevin Yoder pic is in fact of Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia. If this is true, and there will simply never be any way to tell beyond looking at the dates when Graves and Yoder and Paulsen went to Israel, then that makes the rest of this post entirely bullshit, which also means that Paulsen's people did not lie to us, and we will not be reporting from his butt.

We started calling around to confirm that this particular snapshot of this particular group of ne'er-do-wells and rapscallions was indeed taken on the very same Israeli "fact-finding" trip in which Kevin Yoder let his eagle soar -- REPORTING! -- but a funny thing happened. The office of Minnesota House member Erik Paulsen, fourth from left, told us he wasn't on that August 2011 trip. Except -- here, in his own words! -- he was? So then we got mildly peeved and stopped calling people to confirm. Hey guys, you got a problem with it, give Erik Paulsen's office a call!

At any rate, official Wonkette Editorial Policy is pro-skinny-dipping (and also pro-Bigfoot), so we for one are very glad that the FBI wasn't actually investigating the skinny-dipping itself ("Holy Site" or no) but rather some young Michael Grimm fellow who may someday rip the coveted Most Corrupt title from our own beloved Maxine Waters (whom, we repeat, we love!).

But while we are pro-skinny-dipping and Bigfoot and Maxine Waters, we are anti-people-lying-to-us. Erik Paulsen, might wanna talk to your office, because we will now be living right in your butt. Right in there! In your butt. With what we can only presume are the finest in anal beads and live rodents.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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