Wonkette has obtained* this script for an unaired episode of the NRA.TV’s “Freedom’s Safest Place” series featuring Dana Loesch in very short videos in which she seems very upset.

In previous videos, Loesch has employed violent rhetoric in leveling vague accusations against the NRA’s political opponents. The scripts were peppered with aggressive language like “assassinate,” “burn,” “smash,” “violence,” “bully,” “terrorize,” “fight,” “clenched fist,” “perish in the political flames of their own fires,” “daggers through the heart,” etc.

This unaired script, as you’ll see, is no different.


DANA LOESCH: We are witnessing the bloodiest slaughter of everyday American freedom in our history.

The extreme left, Antifa, communists, newspapers, teachers, ISIS, Marx, movies, Beyonce, and Hillary Clinton are all but stalking you, salivating.

Their corrupted fangs lust for the soft flesh of your truth. They are in your basement.

Their aim is to torture you beyond the limits of pain until you die, and then they will laugh as they rape and murder your family with lies.

If they win, the American heartland will turn to salt.

If they win, the bodies of all patriots will be sent to factories and rendered for raw materials to build the New World Order’s so-called “Utopian Empire of Soros.”

If they win, Satan will overthrow God in Heaven and fire will rain down from the sky.


But they won’t win.

We’re not going to let them win.

We’re going to take up our deadly weapons of honor and justice and kill all of their plans.

We will kill every last one of their plans by shooting it through the head or the heart with a gun of goodness.

Their plans will beg for mercy, but we will spill their evil black blood all the same, for mercy in the face of an evil liberal plan is a mortal sin against love.

A plan may cower before you, begging for its life, simpering and weak.

End the plan’s suffering with a bullet of faith between the eyes.

We are the National Rife Association of America.

And we are freedom’s safest place.

*I wrote it

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Let the quitfiring begin! Donald Trump's own internal polls are shit, so obviously it's time to fire the pollsters. Last week, the New York Times reported that Trump is freaking out and using his ancient, unsecured cellphone to make late night booty calls to his old pals for a little rub and tug to his ego. Russia, if you're listening ... and we know you are.

The Ego in Chief is flipping his shit because his own pollster Tony Fabrizio -- of Paul Manafort kickback and internal polling shared with Russians fame -- showed Trump trailing Biden badly this March in 11 swing states, with close races in six others. Trump's campaign manager Brad "Pube Beard" Parscale has been bragging about expanding his campaign into New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Nevada, at the same time his internal polls show them losing Pennsylvania by 16, Wisconsin by 11, Minnesota by 14, Michigan by 13, North Carolina by 8, Virginia by 17, and Ohio by 1. Fabrizio even showed him losing Georgia by 6!

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