Expensive Houses That Just Won't Sell! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 19, 2020

Expensive Houses That Just Won't Sell! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 19, 2020
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Be sad. Or mad. Be sadmad.

Williams wanted to make the 15-foot walk himself, rather than have one of his kids drop off the ballot. He had lost 40 pounds. But he insisted on trying.

"He was really happy to tell people he had lived long enough to vote," David remembered.

And then the ... well, you know. — Washington Post

This is a very good headline for a mainstream joint. "Fact Check: Competing Town Halls Highlight Trump's Dishonesty." — Daniel Dale at CNN

We're not anti-vaxxers if we don't trust Trump's vaccine; he utterly fucked the CDC. "Inside the fall of the CDC." — ProPublica

Arnold Schwarzenegger can't believe California Republicans. (Politico)

Marcy Wheeler can't believe Glenn Greenwald. — Emptywheel

Haha, neither can Jon Chait:

Of course, as I conceded yesterday, we don't know they're behind this latest hack-and-leak. The mere fact that Russia hacked Burisma, and that U.S. intelligence warned they would use the hacked material to discredit Joe Biden in an October surprise, and that Giuliani is working with a Russian agent is not proof. This could simply be a different October surprise Burisma hack that just happened to fall into the hands of a guy who is working with Russia to use Burisma to discredit Biden in totally different ways.

New York mag

New York Post reporters can't believe ... the New York Post. (New York mag)

Fun longread on Bill Barr's fascist upbringing, focusing on his dad Donald's weird racist sci-fi book. (New York Review of Books)

Hahahaha, this art installation was in my dear friends Jon and Deb's yard, and all the local papers came by and then wrote shit like "they have signs going back to John Quincy Adams!" because yeah, local papers, they definitely had plastic back then and if they did my friends would put their 1803 political signs right under the sprinklers LOL. Anyway, Forbes did the best job on it, they tell me. — Forbes

Trump rejects assistance for California wildfires, just like that hot Miles guy said he would. (Politico)

Trump debate coaches tell him to stop interrupting and "be more likeable." LOL we ain't watching that. — Axios

Goddamn him. Goddamn him to hell. How Trump Changed Childhood. — Politico mag

Your friend Crip Dyke on white Canadian commercial lobstermen terrorizing the M'kmaw tribe. — Freethought Blogs

Only $900,000 for this midcentury-throwback crazy berm house in Sandpoint, Idaho, built by this lovely ACLU president/architecture professor and his wife? Who's buying it for me? Is it YOU? — Zillow

Look! It's snow!

And therefore: How to make crockpot fondue! — Food Network (I think this is the Pioneer Woman OF LIES?) And for dessert? In our other crockpot, MORE FONDUE! (Carlsbad Cravings)

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