• Here's what happened last night, in case you missed all the Action because you chose to plan your drinking game around every time Palin said the word "maverick," in which case you probably died around 9:15 PM. [New York Times]
  • So even though SNL might have to write its own dialogue this week, Palin still didn't really demonstrate even an elementary school level understanding of anything really. [Politico]
  • The House will be voting today on the new bailout plan. Pelosi says that she will cancel this thing before she lets everyone ruin it again. [Washington Post]
  • Wells Fargo is buying Wachovia for $15 billion. It will now have control of all the Wachovia bank locations, which is Important for Wells Fargo, which is looking to expand east. Hopefully this new company will be called Well, Wachovia. [New York Times]
  • Europe wants its own bailout plan for its banks -- or at least France wants it, and Germany does not. [Der Spiegel]
  • Hey middle class, you know what won't ever have toxic debt troubles? A $100,000 bottle of champagne and an emu. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Some "human remains" were found near where billionaire pilot Steve Fossett's plane crashed last year. DNA testing forthcoming. [AP]

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