Extreme Makeover: Jerry Lewis Edition

Photo: house.gov/jerrylewis

All the kids are going on and on about this Jerry Lewis guy from California, but every time I try to figure out why, I just find myself getting mesmerized by his hairdo. It pulls me in like some kind of maddening nylon vortex. To paraphrase Bill Griffith, it looks like hardened Cool Whip. Griffith said that years ago about Loni Anderson's hair, but there is a certain resemblance, a certain commonality of high-concept artifice. If Lewis wants to get treated nicer by style-concious papers like the LA Times, he should think about a tear-down on that real estate at the top of his noggin. He needs something kickier, more newscastery; he needs something that says, "No matter how many bad decisions I've made, I'm a likeable person and, gee, my hair smells terrific." Hmmm... that gives me a perfect idea for a more media-friendly Lewis:

Do you like it? I call it the Ferragamo.

Well, it's been a fun three days guest blogging here on Wonkette, and I'm especially glad that I got to share some real-life cuddles 'n' hugs with you! Have a glittery weekend!

Princess Sparkle Pony


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