Extremely Normal And Well-Adjusted OAN Guy Excited For Vaccine To Kill All Of The Liberals

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Extremely Normal And Well-Adjusted OAN Guy Excited For Vaccine To Kill All Of The Liberals

OAN Anchor Pearson Sharp

Yesterday on OAN, reporter Pearson Sharp went on a seven minute long rant about COVID and how he hates the COVID vaccine and all COVID-related public safety mandates ... and he's not going to take it anymore?

Armed with a long list of startling statistics ripped straight from some guy's email forward, Sharp hammered out his take on what is happening — although after listening to it and reading it several times, I'm still not 100 percent clear on what it is. He doesn't like COVID restrictions. He thinks that "elites" like Gavin Newsom are forcing people like him to obey restrictions while exempting themselves, because they secretly know it's not actually all that bad. He thinks doctors know Ivermectin is effective and are letting people die instead of give it to them. He thinks the vaccine is killing and injuring people left and right. And he's so, so mad at all of the liberals for pushing the vaccine on everyone that he hopes we all take the vaccine and keep taking boosters — which he believes kill people — so he and other "freedom-loving Americans" can have the country to themselves.

Again, it's like a seven-minute long rant, so I'm not going to post the whole transcript here (you can read it at Media Matters!), but let's check out a few highlights.

We have had enough. Enough of watching our businesses get destroyed, while hypocritical politicians like Gavin Newsom dine out at fancy restaurants with their friends during lockdowns, or go maskless to public events they demand that we wear masks to. We've had enough of watching our loved ones get sick and die pointless deaths, all because the media and despots in Washington refused to let us treat our sick with the safest and most effective drugs in the world, like ivermectin. We've had enough of being denied basic services, like being refused entry into a grocery store or restaurant, or being refused a life-saving organ transplant unless we have a dehumanizing passport proving we're dumb enough to sign over the rights to our own bodies to these murderous tyrants. Enough of seeing our children die after being forced to take this same poisonous drug that's making Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna over $100 billion a year. Enough is enough.


Why the hell would anyone who believes what you believe about vaccines get a heart transplant in the first place? You know who gives people heart transplants? Doctors! The same evil monsters that want people to get vaccines and won't give them their horse paste. Why would you seek any kind of medical care at all, if that is what you believe?

If getting a vaccine is signing over the rights to one's body, what the hell is a heart transplant? Hearts are precious, and as much as we all want people who need heart transplants to get them, they do these lists this way for a reason. There are only so many spare hearts to go around, so those with the best chances get to go to the front of the line.

Also, as a member of "the media" I have never deprived anyone of "treating [their] sick" with Ivermectin. I do not have that power. I may think it's silly that people think they can treat a viral illness with an antiparasitic drug, but I have never walked down to the feed store and chained myself to the horse medicine counter, preventing anyone from getting their "medicine." Quite frankly, I literally do not care at this point if these people take Ivermectin. I really don't. Pump them all full of it, if that is what they want. It's probably not going to kill them and at this point it's worth it to get them to shut the hell up.

But I'm not a doctor. And I have literally zero control over whether or not anyone gets their Ivermectin.

If children were dying en masse, definitively from the vaccine, I'm pretty sure we would have heard about it. That's not something that one would need to rely on "the liberal media" to hear about, because it would be all over the internet. Hell, OAN could very easily invite all of these parents whose children have died from vaccines onto their network so we can all see them. Why aren't they doing that? I wonder.

Same goes for Canada, where they claimed 60% of the COVID deaths were unvaccinated. But that was a lie, too, because in reality, they just classified anyone who got sick or died within two weeks of getting the vaccine as unvaccinated.

And surprise, surprise, our own beloved CDC -- the Centers for Democrat Control -- pulled the same trick on us. The CDC claimed that anyone who died within 14 days of getting injected wasn't vaccinated. Even though the majority of the deaths and injuries from the vaccine happened within that first 14-day period. Good way to cover up all the people they're murdering, just say they're not vaccinated. Sneaky, sneaky.

Yeah. Because it takes two weeks for the vaccine to become effective. It's not a character judgment, they're not separating "good from bad" and saying "Look how it's only the bad people who are dying of COVID!" — it's just the way this vaccine works.

So, for all of you progressives and Democrats and radical leftists out there. Do us all a favor, please, and go get vaccinated. In fact, don't stop there. Get double vaccinated, and be sure to get all your boosters. All three or four of them. Why stop there? If more is better--- get five, six, get 10 boosters. All the rest of us sane, freedom-loving Americans are counting on you to get your injections. The survival of our country depends on it.

We're going to get the appropriate amount of boosters, thanks. That's the whole point.

And the fact is, yes. People who were vaccinated and even people who were boostered got Omicron. But in much, much lower numbers than those who were not vaccinated. And they were far less likely to die from it.

The reason we want people to get vaccines is because we don't want them to die. Because we're not assholes. These statistics make me sad, because they are preventable. In October-November, 2,094 unvaccinated people between the ages of 18 and 49 died. You know how many boostered people over the age of 65 died of COVID? 242. So this idea that young, healthy people don't have to get the vaccine or get boostered is bullshit. I look at that number, at all of the numbers, and it absolutely breaks my heart. Because even if those people are the biggest assholes in the world, their families have to live with knowing that something could have been done to prevent it, and that is a form of psychological torture that I would not wish on anyone. Even Pearson Sharp.

[Media Matters]

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