Ezra Klein Finds Success Despite One Dirty Tweet Two Years Ago


Surely you have all read and analyzed the brief newWashingtonian profile of informative Washington Post child typist Ezra Klein by now, which ends on this note: "But Klein has also found the pitfalls of being too public: Two years ago, he made his Twitter feed private after the blog Wonkette posted a tweet where he called NBC’s Tim Russert a 'spiky acid-tipped dick.' 'That tweet haunts me,' says Klein, who explains he was repeating an overheard comment and expected it to go to only a few friends. 'I've always hated that moment because it’s simply not how I write. I'm not profane.'" Washingtonian is wrong.

He didn't call Tim Russert that. He wrote, "fuck tim russert. fuck him with a spiky acid-tipped dick."

Ha ha, the early days of Twitter:

It was a great line! It was also Too Soon, though, because Tim Russert would die months later. His body is probably still hidden in a stack of Ezra Klein's white papers.



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