F*ck Matt Rosendale In The Eyeholes Of His White Hood: A Letter To My Congressman!

Dear My Congressman Matt Rosendale:

Today I saw a stupid woman being wrong on the Internet. She was sniffing about the insufficiency of the brand-spanking-new federal holiday "Juneteenth," commemorating the end of slavery in our country (which actually kept going until the 1960s, but, you know, officially), and this is what she said:

tweet: "A holiday in june so kids will not be in school to learn about it .."

LOL, Matt Rosendale, that white lady is so "woke" that she is demanding to speak to a manager and find out which DICK white people put Juneteenth in JUNE.

That is pretty stupid!

You are stupider, and also a slimy wormy gob of racist shit. Let's explore!

Rosendale Juneteenth statement

Let's call an ace an ace.

Okay, I'm done here.

I'm not? I have to keep going?

This is an effort by the Left to create a day out of whole cloth to celebrate identity politics as part of its larger efforts to make Critical Race Theory the reigning ideology of our country.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas is not "the Left," nobody's creating a day out of anything, and I'm pretty sure "celebrating the emancipation from slavery of our co-citizens (who had to get a goddamn constitutional amendment to be considered citizens) in order to create, like Even John Cornyn said, 'a more perfect union'" has nothing to do with "mak[ing] Critical Race Theory the reigning ideology of our country," you proudly ignorant fuckbigot.

Now wipe the hog semen out of your ears and learn something, Matt Rosendale, because one of us actually went to grad school and studied Critical Race Theory, and that one of us was not you, it was me: "Critical Race Theory" doesn't mean teaching kids that systemic racism existed and exists in our country, which are true things that every red state is currently banning in the classroom, for "free speech" apparently. It's the study of how race intersects with the law. And it does! A LOT!

You can engage honestly with Critical Race Theory and take some issues with it. I, for instance, took issue with the framing of "privilege" as the opposite of "discrimination," because "freedom from discrimination" should be the baseline. It is a right. And "privilege," as you say to your kids when they want to borrow the car, is the opposite of a right!

When a Black person is discriminated against by being baselessly followed around in a store, that does not benefit me as a white person. I don't get anything "special" by not being followed around in a store. However! When a Black person is discriminated against in lending, in agriculture, in housing — all things that are ongoing, in our country, right now, and that were also official government policy through most of the 20th century — that does privilege me, because that means more loans and more agriculture and my pick of apartments. I benefit from it, right smack in the wallet.

And so do you, Matt Rosendale. You spent your career, before carpetbagging to Montana, in real estate. You know goddamn well Black people got worse loans (if they managed to get GI Bill loans or FHA loans at all), were officially segregated via redlining, even today get lower appraisals for the homes they do own until they take the Black family pictures off their walls and have a white friend pretend to live there instead. Oh look, their appraisal just went up a hundred grand! And those are just the discriminations faced by Black people in one industry: yours.

Did you know about all of that, Matt Rosendale? Either way, you're lying.

Since I believe in treating everyone equally, regardless of race, and that we should be focused on what unites us rather than our differences, I will vote no.

Fuck you.

The Left has made up what was primarily a Texas holiday

Confused Tucker Carlson golden retriever face.

which they are now acting like they recently discovered

No, this guy's one of yours:

And yet your point stands: Our classrooms aren't teaching about Juneteenth or the Tulsa Race Massacre or Red Summer or any of the rest of it, because you guys keep banning teaching about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

in order to continue making Americans feel bad and convince them that our country is evil.

Okay, sometimes Rose Twitter sux. But "sometimes Rose Twitter sux" doesn't mean our children shouldn't learn our own history, and, often, present.

This isn't an effort to commemorate emancipation

Yes it is. It's also something Even John Cornyn thought was really important to do, even if it's symbolic and performative, in the wake of George Floyd's murder by an agent of the state, because symbols matter and telling our Black brothers and sisters they matter ... matters.

it's very clearly tied to the hard-left agenda to enshrine the racist history of this country

Racist history of this country???? WHAAAAA???? Oh I'm sorry, we're not allowed to learn that anymore, because it is "Critical Race Theory" even though it isn't.

as the prime aspect of our national story. They do not want to highlight all the good this country has brought to the world — flight, our Constitution, the defeat of Communism and Nazism, the Internet — but instead our racial sins.

What was that about defeating Nazism, Matt Rosendale? Also fuck you.

America is good and efforts to cast the country as otherwise should be opposed.

You know what was a good thing, Matt Rosendale? Emancipating the Black people who had been enslaved by our very Founders, the men who wrote that beautiful Constitution (of which I'm mostly a big fan!). Even if it was after doing something bad (enslaving people!), it's still good to do something good (not enslaving people)! If you had a brain that wasn't fashioned of smegma and poo, you might see that. You might even be DESPERATE to vote for a celebration of it even as a sop that wouldn't change the underlying systems that continue to discriminate against people of color.

Also fuck you.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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