Your Sunday Show Rundown Is Mostly About GOP Sen. John Barrasso Being An A-Hole

With just a few days to go before Christmas, the GOP has decided that putting the most minimal effort they can should earn them awards for their "courage." Like rotten children trying to do last-minute chores to stave off their well deserved lumps of coal, the GOP is trying to pretend it always does good.

An excellent example of this would be Wyoming GOP senator and third ranking member of Republican Senate leadership, John Barrasso, on "Fox News Sunday":

Barasso: COVID-19 stimulus could've been done 'if Pelosi didn't play politics'

A week ago, after the Electoral College confirmed that Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, a reporter asked Barrasso whether or not Biden was now officially the "President-elect." Barrasso called that a "gotcha" question.

Of course, Barrasso wasn't the only Republican having trouble answering that "tough" question, but it was notable due to his position in Senate leadership, even after Mitch McConnell conceded that Biden IS the President-Elect. A week later, Chris Wallace asked Barrasso the same "gotcha" question:

WALLACE: How, senator, is it a gotcha to ask who is going to be the president one month from today?

BARRASSO: Well, first, you know how the press is sometimes in the halls of Congress if you don't give a one-word answer, they're not satisfied. [...] I accept what has happened in the election and with the Electoral College. I was one of over 70 percent of the people of Wyoming proud to help and vote for President Trump. Over 70 million Americans have done that. He's done remarkable things. I don't believe we'd have a vaccine today if it weren't for President Trump's determination ...

WALLACE: Senator...

BARRASO: ... and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but the Electoral College has now certified the election. We have that Constitution and I accept the outcome of the election.

WALLACE: Well, let me ask you directly: Will Joe Biden be the next president of the United States?

BARRASSO: Uhh ...Yes he will.

WALLACE: You accept that?


WALLACE: Okay. [laughs] That wasn't so hard.

What a "profile in courage" Barrasso is for accepting reality! Of course, he had to couch it by giving praise to Trump for the development of the Covid vaccines despite both vaccine manufacturers clearly stating Trump had zero effect on their ability to make vaccines.

Barrasso went on to pretend like it's Republicans, not Democrats, who have been trying to get Covid relief to people.

BARRASSO: This is no fault of the American people. Chris, we should have done this months ago had not Nancy Pelosi played politics through the fall because of the presidential election. She's admitted as much. We've had a bill pretty comparable to what we are gonna pass today. We've offered it time and time again. The Democrats beat it down 40 different times. This has been wrong, the delay has been too long. We need to get it done now for Christmas.

This motherfucker. First, Nancy Pelosi passed the Heroes Act in May. It included $1,200 per individual for relief, money for testing/tracing of Covid-19, provided expanded Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds, and money for local/state assistance to ensure essential services were maintained. This was early enough after the original relief package that it would have helped Americans financially and reduced the spread of Covid up to now It also included oversight of these programs to prevent "small business owners" like the Catholic Church, Kanye West and Joel Osteen from being able to take PPP funds meant for real small businesses. Because nothing says "let's help everyday Americans" like giving money to tax-exempt prosperity gospel and ugly shoe-making douches.

Cynically, if GOP assclowns had actually cared about not being scumbags, it would have also been early enough that Trump and other Republicans could have been helped politically by it. But Mitch McConnell not only sat on that bill, but the only reason he's doing THIS bill is to try to retain the Senate majority.

So in Republican alternate reality, Nancy Pelosi played politics by passing a bill in May but McConnell and Trump are "helping" by passing a bill that's much weaker in December. Neat.

Just in case you think we are gonna praise Chris Wallace for journalism this week, let's pump those brakes. With Trump's coup, massive a Russian cyber-attack (again) and the ongoing health and economic impact of this pandemic, what was Chris Wallace's prime concern?

Oh yes, FuckerGate. Because both sides do it, obviously! Republicans sit on their thumbs during a pandemic that's killed over 300,000 Americans, but a woman who works for Joe Biden called Republicans "fuckers." Oh, the humanity!

That'll be enough Sunday rundown this week, see you next time!

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