F Dubya -- The Saga Continues


First, the state of Washington shut him down. Then, eBay, citing its policy that license plates must be out of circulation and at least 5 years old in order to be listed, shut him down. But the owner of the F DUBYA license plate we mentioned a while back, has returned with a new offer:

For a week, I had the most popular and controversial license plate in the world. Its too bad eBay wouldn't let me sell it. While I can't sell the license plate, I can sell this beautiful photo of it and offer a "MYSTERY BONUS GIFT." I can't say what the actual bonus gift is, you can try to figure it out from the photo on the right. I've wrapped it in aluminum foil to conceal its identity.

See, liberals love capitalism too. And loopholes. Place your bids now, patriots.

F DUBYA [eBay]


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