Facebook Ivermectin Fans So Jazzed About Shedding Their Intestinal Linings!

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Facebook Ivermectin Fans So Jazzed About Shedding Their Intestinal Linings!

It was always gonna come back to "rope worms."

For those who get their medical information primarily from Facebook groups, nothing proves the effectiveness of a bullshit treatment quite like "rope worms." They are a well known "side effect" of coffee enemas, bleach enemas, Miracle Mineral Solution and other popular internet snake oil remedies — and now those who have started taking Ivermectin are seeing them as well. This seems especially logical, given that the Ivermectin most of them are taking are the kind one gets at a feed store, for use as a horse dewormer.

This is apparently a popular topic of discussion in a Facebook group called "The People's Medicine: Ivermectin; Safe Economical Effective (S E E)," as posted on Twitter by user Michael Parks.

A question about whether anyone else taking ivermectin has been "pooping out worms" garnered over 300 comments, many of them from people who were very excited to report that they had, indeed, been "pooping out worms."

I'm just going to say, as a warning for those with similar sensibilities, that I am just way the hell too prim to transcribe this kind of thing and now I want to die. I have never even said many of these words out loud and in fact failed biology because I refused to learn about the digestive system, so please appreciate my sacrifice.

From a member named Kimra:

Yes, but even though I've been expelling worms with coffee enemas for a while now … it's different with iver. It was about 6 weeks after taking it weekly, and it's happened the last two weeks the day after taking it that I got this tummy rumbling like I had to go with diarrhea … so I go to the pot and out comes a bile dump with full rope worms heads and all! I'm especially happy for the bile dump and of course the worms! Will see what this week brings …

From a fella named Kevin:

Y'all might think this is gross, but … OK, I don't use toilet paper, or rarely do, just when I have to away from home. I think just smearing poop with paper doesn't get my butt clean. So I wash after, every time.

So a few days ago, I did the topical application by rubbing 2cc (l'm 280 lbs) on my belly, then again 48 hrs later. Last night, my belly was kinda hurting, went poop a few times, very loose stool, and of course I washed. This morning, I did my business, got up off the pot and I felt something touch me in the back of the leg. I put my foot in the far side of the tub, squatted down and sat with my other thigh on the edge of the tub and washed my butt with soap and water like normal.

Well … when I got up, I noticed this long stringy thing in the tub under where my butt was … that's what touched the back of my leg. Damn thing was a little over a foot long … I actually took a pic of it, but I don't wanna gross y'all out even more.

Yes, Kevin, it is super gross. Please go see a doctor. Several kinds of doctors, ideally.

Unfortunately for these people, however, "rope worms" are not a real thing. "Rope worms" are pieces of intestinal lining and mucous membrane that are shed when someone does some kind of ridiculous and corrosive cleanse. They were first "identified" by "researchers" Alex Volinsky (a mechanical engineer) and Nikolai Gubarev, who is also not a medical doctor and conveniently holds a patent on a eucalyptus enema that supposedly cures the parasites.

Via Science Based Medicine:

Rope worms are rope-like meter-long human intestinal parasites that were only recently discovered in the returns of cleansing enemas and are often reported after coffee enemas. Strangely, no one had ever noticed them until 2009. They have never been observed during endoscopy or surgery, during medical bowel cleansing in preparation for surgical or imaging procedures, with x-rays or MRIs, at autopsy, or by any colorectal specialists. Yet according to Nikolai Gubarev and Alex Volinsky, the two of them have never yet found a single patient who didn't have these parasites. [...]

Unlike other parasites, rope worms do not have muscles, nervous systems, or reproductive organs. They are often mistaken for decaying remains of other parasites, feces, or intestinal lining. (Or vice versa, perhaps?)

Amazing, really.

There are many Ivermectin-related Facebook groups, of course, including several promoting the use of Ivermectin for both COVID-19 and chronic Lyme disease, a health condition that does not actually exist (Regular Lyme Disease does exist, as does post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, but neither of these are "Chronic Lyme Disease." The symptoms of it exist, but they more likely to be undiagnosed Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.). A quick Google search has shown me that people also frequently use Ivermectin to treat Morgellons, another health condition that does not actually exist. Clearly, Ivermectin woo has been around much longer than this particular pandemic.

In addition to shedding their intestinal lining, those taking the horse deworming version of Ivermectin can look forward to a host of other health issues. The manufacturer of Ivermectin paste includes the following warnings for the drug:

H302 - Harmful if swallowed.
H361 - Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.
H373 - May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.
H402 - Harmful to aquatic life.

This seems fairly relevant given the fact that one of the Ivermectin crowd's chief beliefs is that the vaccine will damage fertility and is part of an evil plot to depopulate the planet.

In conclusion, unless you a horse, do not take drugs for (or from) horses.

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