Fact: One Of Sarah Palin's Favorite Words Is 'Moose'


  • Once again, the Black Panthers have used their Beltway connections to evade the rule of law. How many books did Bobby Seale ghost write for you, Barack Obama? [RedState]

  • Rahm Emanuel is selling ambassadorships and titles of nobility, at bargain-bin prices! A thoughtful gift for any occasion -- birthdays, weddings, abortions, you name it! [Andrew Sullivan]

  • David Vitter claims to represent "core conservative values." Give it a rest, Vitter. We all know you're straight, and just because you pay hookers to change your poopy diapers doesn't really matter, as long as those hookers are ladies. [TPM]

  • A privileged white man was arrested here, in DC, for singing the popular children's song, "I Hate the Police, ee i ee i o." He should have known better. Not even white people are allowed to have disorderly opinions. [HuffPost]

  • Which is more distressing: Sarah Palin twittering about moose more often than health care, or the fact that Think Progress tallied up every word from every Palin Tweet, using spreadsheets and graphs and stuff? [Think Progress]


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