Fading Literary Star Barack Obama No Longer Selling Any Books


Remember to pay enough taxes to bomb another 10,000 poor Afghan children.One-time bestselling author Barack Obama is just a backlist nobody these days, as income from the sales of his fictional biographies has dropped from more than five million a year to less than a million. Sure, that's more than Joe Biden makes, but Joe Biden just works for his "pauper" government paycheck of $230,700 a year. How does Biden survive? Anyway, the White House released the Obamas' tax return info to celebrate Tax Day, and it shows Barry & Michelle's income has dropped from $5.5 million to a measly $1,728,096. Again, how do these people survive? Lots of leftovers and washing out ziplocs, that's how!

The New York Timesreports on what the White House told them to report:

Income for the Obama household continued to slip in 2010, tax returns show, as proceeds from President Obama’s best-selling books tapered off. But just as he has said, his income is easily high enough to make the family eligible for a tax increase under his own deficit-reduction proposals.

Thank the Kenyan God of Fiscal Conservatism that these rich people still have enough to potentially help America's most neediest: the Federal Deficit. [NYT]


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