Failed SNL Comedienne Victoria Jackson Continues Being Not Racist Or Crazy At All

Failed SNL Comedienne Victoria Jackson Continues Being Not Racist Or Crazy At All

Victoria Jackson, best known for her invention "The Love Toilet," continues to wow audiences with her hilarious comedy stylings 20 years after last appearing anywhere in the media entertainment complex. How is she achieving this? With a Colbertian, or maybe Kaufmanian, embodiment of a hilarious character she calls "racist wackjob who is in no way actually Victoria Jackson." And she has more for us this fine fine newsday!

We first noted Jackson's sly Twitter feed this morning in the context of @jfruh's brillz post on whatever it is Texas idiots are threatening to do now. But @jfruh, unaccountably, declined to add Victoria Jackson to his list of performance artists.

But what clever jokes had come just hours before Victoria Jackson's expose of the secessionist mindset? Oh, just this little bit o' honey:

We don't even know where to begin in explaining that black and Latino families having higher rates of assistance than white families does not mean whites, "statistically," are all rugged pioneer individuals taking care of their own, since even at levels that are lower than among black or Latino families, there are still plenty of white people "statistically" on welfare. (Although a good place to start might be Under the Banner of Heaven. That is a fuckton of white people having one hundred children each and living large off Victoria Jackson, patriot!)

But obviously we do not need to explain that to Victoria Jackson at all, because clearly it was just a joke. What else could it be?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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